Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Book Review

There is always that one book where you just can’t help but wonder why it’s a bestseller. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs will definitely make you ponder people’s judgment in rating it highly. Ransom Riggs tried to write a unique story, but leapt so high, only to fall flat. Big time. Miss Peregrine’s is not worth your money or your time for several reasons that comes to mind while reading.

When I was little, I absolutely loved reading books with pictures. They were a way to get even more interested with the book because the drawings made the story come alive. Ransom Riggs thought to include pictures throughout the book to show us what he was “trying” to create. There’s only one problem. When I purchased the book on my Kindle, I found out that those so called “clear and beautiful pictures” were just several pixels smashed together to form a small and blurry picture. I was very disappointed because I had at least heard great things about the pictures in the book, and I couldn’t even zoom in to see all the glory. Already not meeting my standards with something that should be so easy, poor development of characters would be the next problem that would be soon to set you off.

When writing a book, you have to develop you characters, and make sure that the audience has a connection with the protagonist. That will be one of the depending factors for if your book is good. When I read Miss Peregrine’s, told from Jacob’s point of view, it felt detached. I didn’t feel any connection with him or any other characters that were introduced into the story. To be honest, if one was to die, or if even Jacob was to die, I wouldn’t have even cared. That probably sounds bad, but if the reader isn’t connected and isn’t feeling anything for your protagonist, then you got a big problem. Ransom Riggs didn’t only fail to execute the characters properly, but wrote a book that also had the worst plot imaginable.

I don’t care what anyone tells you. If the plot of the story isn’t good, there is no coming back from that. The plot deficiency is a BIG problem. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children failed to keep me entertained or even wanting to read the rest of the book from the very beginning. When reading a book, if you aren’t sucked in within a couple chapters, you are more than likely not going to like the book or continue to read. The ONLY reason I continued to read a book that had a plot deficiency, poor development of characters, and no adaption of the pictures whatsoever, was because it was for the book club I went to.

I came in with high expectations for this so-called bestseller book, and I was very disappointed with the outcome. Miss Peregrine’s had a plot deficiency, under developed characters and one the good things I heard about it fell flat due to the failure of adapting the book properly to an electronic device. All of the reasons I have given demonstrates what I said in the beginning: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a waste of your money and time.


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